The philosophy of the Nevertap Asia Tournament is to encourage the competitors to finish the match

Never Tap Asia Rules

5 minute time-limit for Beginners and 7 minute time-limits for Advanced

REFEREE Decision to determine the winner. No points awarded. Simply a hand raised at the end.

-NO Slams
-NO Neck-cranks
-NO Heel-hooks
(allowed in Advanced)


Beginner & Advanced Men
-65kg, -75kg, -85kg, -95kg, 95kg +

Two divisions. Below 60kg and above 60kg.

Open Division
Open entry, regardless of weight. This is for the cash prize.


All weight-class divisions have MEDALS for Top 3 placers
Open Divison have Cash-Proze: 4000 Baht – Winner, 2500 Baht – 2nd Place, 1500 Baht – 3rd Place

Weigh Ins

There will be one weigh in only on March 29th at 8 am with a rules meeting to follow shortly thereafter. Please meet in the Tiger Grill area

Time Limits

Beginners – 5 minute time-limit
Advanced – 7 minute time-limit

All competitors will be expected to be clean and presentable. Competitors will be checked for rashes, or fungal infections before competing.